Baby Clothes ** 18 – 24 Months *** Plus some 12 month clothes

Sweat shirts
Roots 73, Hurley Hoodie, Please Mum Vest
CARTERS, OSH KOSH …. Short Coveralls
Carters Zipper Jacket
Five (5) Sleepers…. Bum, Disney, Winnie the Pooh. Joe. Carters
One Winter Jacket
Five (5) One Piece …Snaps
Two (2) Long Sleeve Shirts
Short Sleeve Tshirts
Pekkle Short Sleeve – Snaps
NANCY *** Zipper Front. Purple/White Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt
3 Pairs Shoes
2 Pairs Swimming Shoes
2 Pair Socks
Twelve (12) Month Clothes
7 ….T-shirts, Four (4) Sleepers, One Hoodie With Pants, Sweatpants,
Short Sleeve
Very Good Condition
Clothes from my Grandson